Holistic Wellbeing
Hi there...

If you've found this page, I'm guessing you must have arrived here by accident or perhaps were just checking out available domain names.

This domain name is not for sale, unless you're offering a really vast amount of money up front that I could then use to help other living beings with.

Alas, there is no longer any editorial content on this site regarding highly effective, alternative healing techniques.However, if you're looking for EFT, there's plenty out there on the Internet, just be sure you choose the right practitioner, one who is on your wavelength and knows how to ask the right questions. If you're not getting the results, don't give up, try someone else for as many times as it takes to find that person who can and will be able to help you... the tapping really does work miracles if done correctly.

These are interesting and quite unsettling times for many people. in addition to not buying a newspaper for the last 40 years, I've reduced my viewing of the mainstream (aka fear & propaganda peddling) news, and closed down my facebook account (which I certainly don't miss). I'm happy to go out without a mobile phone tracking me or listening in on my conversations. I do still use the self healing energy tools of Reiki, EFT, and certain forms of Shamanic journeying. This world is so much more than it appears to be, so stay grounded, stay wise to what is going on and don't let fear take over. We are all the one same energy, we're just experiencing it from the illusion of being separate to everyone and everything else. We are all one interconnected being and part of the same unknowable thing that apears as everything we can possibly imagine and that which we can't.

For the purposes of  rebalancing the media scales a little bit, and for frank and uncensored valid views on world news and events, plus some other interesting topics, I've added a couple of links to sites I sometimes take a look at. Alternative healing has had some heavy censorship by those in power, as have any one who dares to question the official narratives. If you do watch the news, then also you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the other side of the story that you're not being told so that you can make your own informed decisions and choices in life rather than be dictated to by corporate billionaire psychopaths. Let common sense be your guide and don't get pulled into the tyranny some seek to impose.